Shampoo Bar With Rivermint & Essential Oils


This gentle, cleansing shampoo bar will leave your hair soft and silky and is a great plastic free, palm oil free alternative to conventional bottled shampoo!
Essential oils of peppermint, lemon, rosemary, tea tree and patchouli give a natural energising scent with stimulating and purifying properties. Rosemary and tea tree provide stimulation to hair follicles promoting growth and also provide antiseptic properties to care for the scalp.

So what’s in it?! 
-Sodium cocoyl isethionate, it sounds a bit scary but it’s actually a super gentle and cleansing surfactant derived from all natural coconut. 
-Cocoa butter moisturises and strengthens the hair. 
-BTMS-25, a conditioning ingredient derived from rapeseed. 
-Provitamin B5 helps keep your hair hydrated by turning to pantothenic acid when absorbed into the hair shaft where it binds water and locks moisture in the hair. 
-Citric acid to help soften the water, especially in areas of hard water. 
-Essential oils help condition the hair, relieve scalp irritation and promote hair growth.
How do I use it? 
In the bath or shower rub the bar between wet hands until a lather is produced, gently run the bar through wet hair in the direction of hair growth. Massage the scalp to further increase the lather until hair is fully cleansed then rinse and apply conditioner if desired. 
As with any shampoo do not allow contact with the eyes and please keep your shampoo bar somewhere dry in between uses.
Each bar weighs approximately 80g, all shampoo bars are handmade with love and will vary in weight and appearance. How long a bar lasts will vary greatly from person to person depending on hair length, amount of lather desired and frequency of use.

Ingredients: Sodium cocoyl isethionate, coco glucoside, BTMS-25, cocoa butter, essential oils (peppermint, lemon, rosemary, tea tree, patchouli), water, citric acid, provitamin b5, rivermint.